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Diagnostic Software

The diagnostic software quickly detects and describes faults in standard ASi networks and in ASi safety networks. The user-friendly diagnostic software is mainly used for commissioning and maintenance intervals and provides concrete error information and direct suggestions for solutions. The information and solutions are clearly presented in the software mask and provide even inexperienced ASi users with direct "help for self-help" in the event of errors occurring during the test.


PDF Test Report Sent to Bihl+Wiedemann Support at the Touch of a Button

During the acceptance measurement, a detailed test report is automatically generated as a PDF. This ensures that the test result is accurately documented, and can be forwarded to the Bihl+Wiedemann Support team at the touch of a button if additional help is required.

Diagnostic Software – Included in Three Software Packages

The diagnostic software is included in the Bihl+Wiedemann Suite (BW2902) and in the Bihl+Wiedemann Safety Suite (BW2916, BW3065).

Software for Gateways and Safety Components

Görsel Ürün Tipi Teşhis Yazılımı ASIMON360 ASIMON360 Simülasyon

Güvenli olmayan donanım için projelendirme ve işletime alma yazılımı ve ASi çemberinde projelendirilmiş ve algılanan cihazların canlı tanısının kolay uygulaması için.

  • Evet : standalone-versiyon olarak ASi Control Tools360 yazılımı
  • Evet (entegre edilmiş): ASi Control Tools360 yazılımının tüm fonksiyonları ASIMON360 yazılımının içine entegre edilmiştir.
  • Legacy-Versiyon : Standalone-versiyon olarak ASi Control Tools yazılımı (Legacy-Versiyon). Legacy-Versiyon da Hardwarekatalog mevcut değildir! Hardwarekatalog da ASi Control Tools360 (BW2902) versiyonunun kullanılması tavsiye edilir.
ASi Control Tools360
Kablo Kurulum seçenekleri Ürün No.
BW2916Bihl+Wiedemann Safety Suiteevetevetevetevet (entegre edilmiş)hayırtek kullanıcı lisans veya değişken lisans
BW3065Bihl+Wiedemann Safety Suiteevetevet, sadece servis versiyonuevetevet (entegre edilmiş)hayırtek kullanıcı lisans veya değişken lisans
BW2902Bihl+Wiedemann Suiteevethayırhayırevethayırtek kullanıcı lisans veya değişken lisans



Video - Diagnostic Software

Jochen Bihl introduces the ASi diagnostic software from Bihl+Wiedemann. The self developed diagnostic software can be used in the unlikely event of an error. The software detects errors quickly and even explains them. If further assistance is needed, customers can easily send their test results directly to the support team at Bihl+Wiedemann. The software also provides valuable services for the validation of systems – by checking the system for any errors. During the validation measurement, a detailed test report is automatically generated as a PDF. In that way, the result is precisely documented.


Video length: 2:26

Circular buffer facilitates troubleshooting

Our new circular buffer is especially helpful when it comes to sporadically occurring errors. With it you can now for the first time take continuous measurements from the past 24 hours (or fewer) over a period of up to a week.

Advantages of Diagnostic Software

  • Saves time and cost by preventing errors and speeding up fault elimination
  • Specific information and suggested remedies for numerous types of errors
  • Troubleshoot standard ASi networks plus ASi Safety at Work including Safe Link
  • "Help for self-help” even for inexperienced ASi users
  • Circular buffer enables continuous tests and recording of the most current data
  • Test report including documentation of the ASi installation
  • PDF Test Report Sent to Bihl+Wiedemann Support at the Touch of a Button

Safety Monitor Simulator

Bihl+Wiedemann's Safety Suite includes the safety monitor simulator. It enables the testing of existing ASIMON360 configurations on simulated hardware.