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AS-i Characteristics

MediumUnshielded two conductor flat cable *
SignalPower Supply and data in one cable with max. 8 A
Cable Length100 m (line extension possible using a bus termination, tuners and/or repeater up to 1000 m)


Number of Slaves per AS-i



up to 62

Number of I/O Binary up to 248 Inputs and 248 Outputs
Number of I/O Analogup to 124 Inputs or Outputs
Cycle Time153 µs/slave
Transmission Rate167 kbit/second
Error Protection Identification and repetition of faulty frames
Supported Topology Tree, Star, Ring, Linear, Linear with taps and Mesh

SIL 3, Category 4, PLe (EN 62061, EN 61508, EN ISO 13849-1, EN 954-1)


* Of course other cables, such as NYM-J or E90 cable, can also be used.