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Benefits of AS-Interface

• Save hardware by reducing I/O cards, cabinets and wiring

• Robust, globally standardized industrial bus with already more than 27 million installed nodes

• Simple electronics with robust performance in industrial quality

• Free choice of network topology

• Quick installation, reduce maintenance and shorten testing time,fast commisioning and ability to expand the system
• Easy commissioning, and opportunity to expand the system

• Transmission in real-time

• Avoid wiring errors (no risk of faulty electrical connection)

• High resistance against EMC noise

• Fast error localization, spontaneous diagnostics and enhanced diagnostic options


AS-i is fully backwards compatible. This means that a master according to the last specification 3.0 can communicate with all existing slaves according to the different specifications 2.0, 2.11 and 3.0. This guarantees a future proof investment.

Simply to connect

Owing to the yellow profile cable and the piercing technology, AS-i modules are easily expandable and can be connected reverse polarity protected.