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Core Expertise

Since 1992, Bihl+Wiedemann is synonymous with outstanding products and services for automation technology.

Success factors

The success of Bihl+Wiedemann is based on

  • Innovative and high-quality products
  • The know-how and expertise of highly educated and experienced specialists
  • Immediate response to inquiries and costumer requests
  • The high flexibility of a lean organization

Range of services

Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH's portfolio of services include


  • Development and manufacturing of safety-related automation products
  • Development and manufacturing of AS-Interface products based on our own products
  • Applications consulting related to AS-Interface and ASi Safety at Work
  • Training classes for AS-Interface and ASi Safety at Work
  • Certification of ASi networks
  • Troubleshooting of ASi networks
  • Contract development for costum automation solutions
  • Custom developments and production of fieldbus interfaces and components for virtually any system


Bihl+Wiedemann's product offerings includes the following solutions for safety technology issues using ASi Safety at Work


  • Stainless steel Gateways with integrated Safety Monitor for virtually any bus system and Ethernet solution
  • PROFIsafe gateways
  • Safety monitors for any system size
  • Speed monitors
  • IP 20 and IP 67 safety input and output modules
  • Safety OEM slaves
  • Safety contact expanders
  • Control and signal devices
  • Wide range of accessories

Bihl+Wiedemann also offers

  • ASi Masters/Gateways/Links/Scanners connecting to any commonly used controller
  • ASi Slaves
    • Digital IP20 and IP67 ASi modules in various housing styles
    • ASi analog modules in various housing styles (IP20, IP65, IP67) for current, voltage, weight and temperature
    • Circuit board modules / board solutions in various configurations with a variety of interfaces
    • IP20 ASi modules with stainless steel housing
    • Counter modules
    • IP67 ASi drive solutions in various sizes
    • Universal IP65 modules
    • Control and Signal devices
    • ASi slaves for building automation
  • ASi Tuners, ASi Repeaters (IP20 and IP65) and Bus Terminations for network extension
  • Configuration and diagnostics tools (hardware and software) for AS-Interface
  • Power supplies
  • Accessories