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AS-Interface – Design Simplicity and Cost Containment


Title: Design Simplicity and Cost Containment

Date: Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Time: 11:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Duration: 1 hour


Organized by: AS-Interface Organization North America with participation of Bihl+Wiedemann


Industrial clients, customers, and entire markets require products of increasingly higher quality while also demanding strict cost containment. Automation has long been the accepted way to achieve these seemingly contradictory goals. As the output quality of modern machines continues to increase with no limit in sight, the resulting complexity of modern automation technology makes it more difficult to keep costs from escalating. For many years, AS-Interface, a low-level communication technology connecting sensors and actuators to PLCs, has addressed cost escalation by adhering to a strict design simplicity. The result is unparalleled design speed for any kind of automation system. Additional advantages of AS-Interface stem from the fact that it allows full integration of functional safety and the ability to interface I/O in Class/Division rated environments.


Webinar participants will be introduced to AS-Interface fundamentals and will learn how to design a real-time, deterministic, low-level sensor network. The presenter will provide application examples from a range of industrial markets and offer a cost comparison outlining which specific aspects of AS-Interface lead to cost containment.


Participants will understand why machines, plants, and systems that take advantage of AS-Interface can be designed and constructed faster and thus positively influence cash flow.


Attend this webinar and learn:

  • Basic design rules
  • Available products
  • Solutions layout and resulting benefits


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Bihl+Wiedemann receives Automation Award 2016

Following the distinction in 2014 another product of Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH has been nominated for the Automation Award, an initiative of the trade journal "elektro AUTOMATION" in cooperation with VDMA and ZVEI. The ASi-3 Sercos Gateway, CIP Safety over Sercos, with Safe Link ( BWU3160 ) from the Mannheim company made it to the Top 5 of submitted products in the category “Control Technology and System Solutions.“

Fig. 1: Michael Corban, chief editor of the magazine "elektro AUTOMATION" (at right in photo), hands the certificate to Thomas Rönitzsch, Press Officer at Bihl+Wiedemann.

The ASi-3 Sercos Gateway, CIP Safety over Sercos, with Safe Link ( BWU3160 ) stood out for the following:

  • Safe control of drives with integrated speed monitor and safe fieldbus interface
  • Simplified handling and reduced hardware and installation costs through integration of drive-, peripheral- and safety-bus as well as standard Ethernet in a single network
  • CIP Safety via Sercos for 2 ASi networks, integrated switch
  • Version "1 Gateway, 1 power supply for 2 ASi networks"
  • Applications up to SIL3/Cat4/PLe
  • Chip card for easy device exchange
  • 2 ASi Masters in 1 Gateway 
  • 3 two-channel inputs in the unit, expandable by up to 62 two-channel safe inputs
  • 6 independent safe outputs in the device expandable to maximum 64 independent safe outputs

Fig. 2: ASi-3 CIP Safety over Sercos Gateway with integrated Safety Monitor, 2 ASi masters

( BWU3160 )

Development cooperation with Turck

Cooperative efforts such as the joint development of the TBPN, the world’s first hybrid safety/standard block I/O module from Turck, have been part of the corporate strategy at Bihl+Wiedemann since the founding of the company in 1992. Partnering with others, solutions for customers can be implemented in extremely short times – solutions that would often likely not exist without the joint efforts of suppliers. Because the point of departure for cooperative projects is frequently the wishes of the machine builders or users to have access to products that combine the core competencies of two or more companies in one. In this specific case Bihl+Wiedemann and Turck succeeded jointly in combining the standard and IO-Link ports of IP67 expert Turck with the safety electronics for the safe in- and outputs of the safety experts from Mannheim along with the associated safety software into a multi-functional, robust Profinet/Profisafe I/O module in IP65/67/69k.

Fig.: Jochen Bihl (left), managing director of Bihl+Wiedemann, and Turck managing director Christian Wolf look forward to close cooperation.

Efficient Building Automation with AS-Interface


AS-Interface has long been the epitome of efficiency in production facilities around the globe. Now the simplest bus system in the world is also playing an increasing role in building automation as well.


Bihl+Wiedemann as well is seeing stronger demand from the field of building automation and has accordingly adapted and expanded their own product portfolio appropriately. To demonstrate use of AS-Interface in this context, their newly constructed production facility in Mannheim is being used as a test object. Generating cost savings is a simultaneous objective. Thomas Müller, Sales Manager at Bihl+Wiedemann, is overjoyed at the many small savings realized in operating the facility, and is confident that “all of this is going to add up significantly.”

Fig.: ASi Master in a network with building technology


With AS-Interface Gateways and the corresponding AS-Interface Modules it is possible to detect the energy consumption for an individual machine. This data can be then evaluated in a central location and form the basis for intelligent building control. Another essential aspect of building automation is temperature regulation. With the help of sensors and the networking of building technology such as the heating system, air conditioning and window jalousies, the potential for efficient operation is enormous. AS-Interface gateways represent here the foundation. Another form of the ASi gateway also integrates safety control .

Bihl+Wiedemann receives Automation Award 2014


Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH made it to the Top 5 of the Automation Award 2014 with their Safety Basic Monitor with Ethernet interface (BWU2852). Awarded annually at SPS ICP Drives, this is the most distinguished prize in the automation industry. The Safety Basic Monitor was selected by a jury of experts and visitors to SPS IPC Drives as one of the Top 5 of all submitted products in the area of Control Engineering and System Solutions.

Fig.: Presentation of the award to Jan Melter, Marketing Director at Bihl+Wiedemann by Michael Corban (right), chief editor of the magazine "elektro AUTOMATION".

The Safety Basic Monitor with Ethernet interface (BWU2852) stood out for the following:

1. More cost-effective than emergency stop relays for just 3 or more safety signals

2. Installation width only 22.5 mm

3. Safe Link over Ethernet

4. Standstill/ speed monitoring  

5. Flexibly expandable

Fig.: The Safety Basic Monitor with Ethernet interface (BWU2852)