Connect 5 - the new ASi Passive Distributor from Bihl+Wiedemann

Now in addition to the ASi Passive Distributors with 1xASi/AUX on an M12 socket, Bihl+Wiedemann offers an ASi Passive Distributor with five M12 sockets in an IP67 enclosure (BW2820) . The module distributes the ASi signal as well as the auxiliary voltage in parallel on five M12 sockets. This means you can connect up to five ASi actuators or sensors cost effectively via M12 to the ASi flat cable and to the auxiliary power supply.

Fig. 1: Connection diagram for the M12 sockets and the flat cable branch in the new ASi IP67 passive distributor with five M12 sockets ( BW2820 ).

Thanks to the 2x2 connections for ASi flat cable and the profile cable sealings in the substructure you save – compared with a traditional installation – two flat cable branches as well as up to four ASi end caps per module.

Fig. 2: Installation with the IP67 ASi Passive Distributor, M12 ( BW2820 ) from Bihl+Wiedemann with 2x2 connections for flat cable in the substructure (left) compared with the traditional installation (right).