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New passive distributors AUX 16 A / 20 A

The new AUX passive distributors (BW3306, BW3307) from Bihl+Wiedemann in very flat design (W x H x D: 60 x 45 x 19 mm) permit transmissions of up to 20 A. Above all they offer not only variable connection to the AS-i network, but also the highest possible degree of flexibility in systems planning.

Fig. 1: New Passive Distributors AUX 16 A / 20 A (BW3306, BW3307) and Passive Distributor AS-i 8A (BW3157)

Available with:

  • 2 x round cable / connection leads 2.5 mm² for powering from AUX (24 V auxiliary power) (BW3307)  

  • ­2 x connections for profile cables AUX as profile cable branch (BW3306)

Benefits of the new AUX passive distributors with up to 20 A in detail:

  • Extremely flat design (W x H x D: 60 x 45 x 19 mm)
  • High protection rating IP67
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Up to 16 A / 20 A possible, depending on black AUX flat cable used
  • Maximum flexibility in system design