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Active distributor with 4 inputs or 4 outputs

The new Bihl+Wiedemann active distributors have been designed with 4 inputs

(BW3349) or 4 outputs (BW3342) in a low profile design. They extend the existing range of active distributors available.

Fig. 1: Active distributor with 4 outputs (left, BW3342), with 4 inputs (right, BW3349)

Push-In terminals for simple wiring

  • Low profile design (W x H x D: 60 x 45 x 19 mm)

  • Optimal for installation in the cable duct

  • Push-In terminals will accept conductors with a cross-section of up to 0.5 mm²/AWG20

Fig. 2: Compact design optimized for the cable duct

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