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Control safe drives with Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE)

The new AS-i 3.0 EtherCAT Gateway with integrated safety monitor, Safety over EtherCAT (BWU3418), from Bihl+Wiedemann can – as an FSoE Master – safely control and monitor safe drives with an FSoE connection without any additional higher level safety controller. The drives are controlled as usual by the standard controller. The Safety over EtherCAT Gateway takes over the safety part and turns the drives off when necessary.

Naturally Bihl+Wiedemann also offers safety gateways for combinations with a safety PLC (F-CPU): PROFIsafe over PROFIBUS, PROFIsafe over PROFINET, CIP Safety over Sercos, CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP and Safety over EtherCAT as slave.

Fig.: AS-i 3.0 EtherCAT Gateway, Safety over EtherCAT (BWU3418) and frequency converter with integrated speed monitor, connected via Safety over EtherCAT

The AS-i 3.0 EtherCAT-Gateway, Safety over EtherCAT in detail

  • Safe control of drives with integrated speed monitor and safe fieldbus connection

  • Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE), AS-i Safety and Safe Link in one unit

  • 2 AS-i masters, EtherCAT slave

  • FSoE master

  • Up to 64 release circuits

  • Applications up to Category 4/PLe/SIL3

  • Chip card for storing configuration data

  • AS-i Power24V capable

  • Simplified handling and reduced hardware and installation costs thanks to integration of drive, peripheral and safety bus as well as standard Ethernet in a single network

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