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ASi Safety enhances the PacDrive 3 world

Now you can also profit from the great benefits of ASi Safety in your PacDrive 3 application. With our new ASi Sercos Gateway ( BWU2984 ) you can now link into your Schneider Electric automation solution both standard ASi and ASi Safety.


The gateway features two ASi circuits and acts in the PacDrive 3 application as a Sercos slave. It exchanges safety data with the Schneider safety controller (Slave Logic Controller, SLC). This greatly simplifies the safety technology for this kind of solution.

Fig.: Integration of Standard ASi and ASi Safety components in PacDrive 3 with the ASi Sercos Gateway ( BWU2984 )

Safe data transmission to the SLC

The safety monitor integrated into the gateway monitors the safety technology in both ASi circuits and passes the safety data to the SLC. If for example an E-STOP button is pressed in one of the ASi circuits, the gateway reports this to the safety controller. This can cause the servomotor to be directly shut down.