Connect various IO-Link devices to ASi using just one cable

Would you like to connect intelligent IO-Link sensors or actuators to your control system? ASi-5 makes it extremely easy to connect IO-Link devices with different functions and from different manufacturers.

Free choice of topology

Using the function-independent IO-Link protocol, you can connect a wide variety of intelligent sensors and actuators. Thanks to ASi, you only need one cable and have absolutely no restrictions on topology. The IO-Link devices are connected to the ASi-5 interface via our IO-Link masters – for example, in IP20 to a 4-port master in a control cabinet, or in the field in IP67 to a 4-, 2- or 1-port IO-Link master.

Fig.: ASi-5 makes it easy to connect a wide variety of IO-Link devices to the control system

Connect individual IO-Link devices cost-effectively

If you only want to integrate one IO-Link device at a single position, our compact 1-port master is your ideal choice. With it, you can also connect individual IO-Link devices at any location easily and cost-effectively – distributed over the entire ASi cable length of up to 200 meters.


Here we will give you several examples as to how easy it is to parameterize the IO-Link devices.

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