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Making safety interlocks bus capable

Bihl+Wiedemann now offers AS-i Safety active distributors with integrated AS-i chip especially for Schmersal and Pilz interlocks. They are used to easily incorporate safety interlocks from these manufacturers into AS-i systems: The connection between the interlock and our module is done with 8-conductor M12 cables integrated into the active distributor. The cable length between the distributor and interlock thus has no effect on the allowable total length of the AS-i network.

Position safety interlocks as desired

Their especially compact form factor is ideal for cable ducts, allowing you freedom in cable routing paths. And thanks to pre-assembled cables you save hardware costs and wiring time while at the same time minimizing possible wiring mistakes.


Versions for interlocks from other manufacturers are available on request.

Fig.: AS-i active distributor for Schmersal AZM400 safety interlocks (BWU3565)

Technical details for the new active distributors for safety interlocks

  • Pin configuration for
    • Interlock AZM400 from Schmersal (BWU3565)
    • Interlock AZM200 from Schmersal (BWU3635)
    • Interlocks from Pilz (BW3488)
  • Especially flat form factor, can be installed in cable duct (B × H × T: 60 × 45 × 19 mm)
  • 1 two-channel safe input, 1 digital input
  • 1 digital output In- & output voltage provided from AUX (24 V auxiliary power)
  • Connection of AS-i and AUX using profile cable
  • Connection of periphery using 1 × M12 socket (straight, 8-pin)
  • Protection rating IP67