BWU3635Active Distributor ASi Safety, IP67, 1SI/1I/1O

  • To connect Schmersal AZM 200 / AZM 201 / AZM 300 / MZM 100 door lock to ASi.
  • To connect Schmersal RSS 16 safety sensors to ASi.
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Product description

Active Distributor ASi Safety, IP67, housing depth 19 mm, 1 x 2 channels safe input (SIL 3, cat. 4) for OSSDs, 1 digital input, 1 digital output, input voltage/sensor supply out of AUX, output voltage/actuator supply out of AUX, periphery connection via 1 x M12 cable socket, straight, 8 poles, cable length 1 m, flat design, installation in cable duct possible (installation depth ≥ 19 mm), connections for 1 x ASi and 1 x AUX profile cables, ASi connection via profile cable and piercing technology, 1 single address

To connect Schmersal AZM200 / AZM201 / AZM300 / MZM100 16 door lock and RSS safety sensors to ASi.

Technical data

Inputs digital 1
Outputs digital 1 x electronic
Input voltage (sensor supply)

inputs are supplied by ASi or by AUX (auxiliary 24 V power). If supplied by ASi, inputs shall not be connected to earth or to external potential.

out of AUX
Output voltage (actuator supply)

Electronic outputs are supplied by ASi or by AUX (auxiliary 24 V power). If supplied by ASi, outputs shall not be connected to earth or to external potential.


For relay outputs the relay contacts are initiated from ASi. The load circuit is powered externally as specified in the data sheet.

out of AUX
Connection 1 x M12 cable socket, straight, 8 poles
Round cable

Under normal conditions (no bus termination or repeater), the permissible total length of the ASi segment is max. 100 m. The calculation should take into consideration that the length of the connection cable (round cable) for each connected passive distributor must be doubled.

In the case of the active distributors (ASi modules) however only the one ASi profile cable is counted.

1 m
ASi address

AB address (max. 62 AB addresses/ASi network), 2 AB addresses (max. 31 modules with 2 AB addresses), Single addresses (max. 31 Single addresses/ASi network), ASi-5 address (max. 62 ASi-5 addresses/ASi network), mixed use allowed.
For ASi modules with two ASi nodes the second Asi node is turned off as long as the first Asi node is addressed to address "0".
Upon request, ASi modules are available with specific ASi node profiles.

1 Single address

How to troubleshoot an existing ASi installation


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