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Circuit Board Modules

BWR1682ASi PCB Module, 73 mm x 37,5 mm, 4I/3O, solder lugs


Product description

ASi PCB Module, 73 mm x 37,5 mm, 4 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs, input voltage/sensor supply out of ASi, output voltage/actuator supply out of AUX, max. 180 mA for sensor supply, max. 250 mA per output, periphery connection via solder lugs, LED, ASi connection via solder lugs, 1 AB slave

Technical data

Type circuit board 73 mm x 37,5 mm
Circuit board dimensions

2 holes for assembly angles.

73 mm x 37,5 mm
Inputs Safety, SIL 3, Cat. 4 -
Inputs digital 4
Outputs digital 3 x electronic
Outputs Safety, SIL 3, cat. 4 -
Safety signal inputs -
Inputs analog -
PCB connection

further connection options are available on request.

screw terminalswiring pins, angled
(pins 180° to PCB)
wiring  pins, straight
(pins 90° to PCB)
solder lugssocketsplug-in spring-type /
screw terminals
   connecting wires
solder lugs

Coating protects components and circuit boards when touched.

   thin coated   thick coated
LED status display

status of in- and outputs is indicated by LEDs. In addition to that, both ASi LEDs (PWR green and FAULT red) show as usual regarding the ASi Slaves- the status of the ASi Slaves. Uaux is indicated by a green LED.

Input voltage (sensor supply)

inputs are supplied by ASi or by AUX (auxiliary 24 V power). If supplied by ASi, inputs shall not be connected to earth or to external potential.

out of ASi
Output voltage (actuator supply)

Electronic outputs are supplied by ASi or by AUX (auxiliary 24 V power). If supplied by ASi, outputs shall not be connected to earth or to external potential.

For relay outputs the relay contacts are initiated from ASi. The load circuit is powered externally as specified in the data sheet.

out of AUX
ASi connection

the connection to ASi as well to AUX (auxiliary 24 V power) is made via yellow resp. black ASi profile cable with piercing technology or via M12 socket (in IP20 via clamps).

solder lugs
ASi address

AB Slave (max. 62 AB Slaves/ASi network), 2 AB Slaves (max. 31 modules with 2 AB Slaves), Single Slaves (max. 31 Single Slaves/ASi network), ASi-5 Slave (max. 62 ASi-5 Slaves/ASi network), mixed use allowed.
For modules with two slaves the second slave is turned off as long as the first slave is addressed to address "0".
Upon request, slaves are available with specific ASi Slave profiles.

1 AB Slave

The product has earned the following certifications: