BWU3271ASi Safety Thermocouple Module, IP20, 1SI

Product description

ASi Safety Thermocouple Module in IP20, 22,5 mm x 114 mm, with 6 x COMBICON connections, 1 x 2 channels safe input (SIL 3, cat. 4) for thermocouples, input voltage/sensor supply out of ASi, periphery connection via clamps, without limitation of connector cable length (loop resistance 150 Ohm), ASi connection via clamps, ASi addresses depending on configuration

Technical data

Type IP20, 22,5 mm x 114 mm, 6 x 4 contacts, Safety
Inputs Safety, SIL 3, Cat. 4 1 x 2 channels
Safety signal inputs thermocouples
Input voltage (sensor supply)

inputs are supplied by ASi or by AUX (auxiliary 24 V power). If supplied by ASi, inputs shall not be connected to earth or to external potential.

out of ASi
ASi address

AB address (max. 62 AB addresses/ASi network), 2 AB addresses (max. 31 modules with 2 AB addresses), Single addresses (max. 31 Single addresses/ASi network), ASi-5 address (max. 62 ASi-5 addresses/ASi network), mixed use allowed.
For ASi modules with two ASi nodes the second Asi node is turned off as long as the first Asi node is addressed to address "0".
Upon request, ASi modules are available with specific ASi node profiles.

depending on configuration

How to troubleshoot an existing ASi installation


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