Passive distributors and active distributors – easy integration of a wide range of components into ASi

Make any sensors/actuators bus-capable

Do you want to easily integrate AS-Interface (ASi) into the entire system? Or do you simply want to connect various sensors and actuators to ASi? Then take advantage of our large range of IP67 distributors: Our compact passive distributors are all you need to connect ASi-capable sensors and actuators anywhere in the field. They enable a wide variety of local junctions – to flat cables, push-in terminals, round cables with connecting wires, or to a wide variety of plugs such as M12 and M8.

If, on the other hand, the sensors and actuators do not have an integrated ASi chip, our active distributors are used. Thanks to their integrated ASi connection, they make any sensors and actuators bus-compatible – without the need for complex special adapters and additional cables. Our broad selection of active distributors includes plug-and-play solutions for light barriers, door locks, and inverters made by various leading manufacturers. We are also happy to develop customized solutions for you. Get in touch with us!

Advantages of passive distributors

Simplified planning and installation

You can flexibly position secured and unsecured local branches for your peripherals on site without any limitations. For example, the passive distributors enable junctions to be made to flat cables, push-in terminals, round cables with connecting wires, or to a wide variety of plugs such as M12 and M8. Our space-saving passive distributors can be installed quickly and easily using piercing technology. Therefore, there is no need of any pre-assembled cables nor T connectors for the connection. You also have a lot of freedom in your choice of topology.

energy distribution

Our passive distributors offer a cost-effective "all-inclusive package" for distributing the ASi voltage throughout the entire system. They can also easily distribute auxiliary voltages of 24 V and 48 V. You do not need any additional T distributors or pre-configured cables. No additional cables are required to connect the peripherals either. Furthermore, less power is dissipated because there is no need to loop power from module to module. Find out more about energy distribution via profile cables and passive distributors here.

line protection

Line protection is automatically ensured for our passive distributors with a built-in fuse. If the passive distributor develops a fault or short-circuit, the branch is protected by triggering the fuse, causing the voltage supply to be interrupted only selectively for this branch. The power supply in the line and for further branches remains functional. This facilitates troubleshooting and reduces downtimes. For applications with their own fuse in the upstream circuit, we also offer passive distributors without a built-in fuse.

contact reliability

In order to guarantee the required contact reliability, all of our distributors always have 2 or 3 gold-plated pins per conductor. Moreover, the pins must always pierce the ASi cable vertically. The housing design offers the ideal solution for this, as the top part can be easily connected to the bottom part using a socket wrench mechanism.

Passive distributors and active distributors

Both active and passive distributors can be easily installed along the ASi cable.

There are two ways of connecting sensors and actuators to AS-Interface.

Advantages of active distributors

Free choice of

With our active distributors, you can make any sensors and actuators ASi-capable thanks to the integrated ASi connection. This gives you new flexibility in the selection of components and system design, while also eliminating the need for expensive special adapters and additional cables. You also enjoy all the advantages of ASi, e.g., easy installation thanks to piercing technology and great freedom in the choice of topology. In addition, many of the active distributors have integrated line protection.

plug-and-play solutions

There is already a large number of perfectly pre-assembled cable and connector combinations available. Our plug-and-play solutions allow you to easily light barriers, door locks, laser scanners, or E-stop buttons into your ASi network and safely avoid connection errors. The active distributors are available both as safe input modules (also in combination with standard outputs) and as digital I/O modules. Several variants are also suitable for use in cable ducts, since the flat distributor housings do not have "raised" M8 or M12 connectors on top.


Do you have a particular sensor or actuator for which Bihl+Wiedemann does not yet have a plug-and-play solution? No problem. We can develop an active distributor according to your wishes. Our special production process allows for up to nine cable outlets, an addressing socket, and three heights (19 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm), among other things. You can also choose between different cable lengths and plug variants.

of errors

Our plug-and-play solutions offer perfectly fitting plug-in solutions for many common products. Many different signals can be transmitted on a single cable, e.g., via an 8 pole M12 cable plug to connect door locks directly to ASi. This saves time, prevents errors during installation, and makes troubleshooting much easier. In contrast, parallel wiring requires a large number of cables, which significantly increases the likelihood of errors. If an error occurs, it is often not clear which cable is causing it.

Application examples for passive and active distributors

Here you can see the diverse application options for our passive and active distributors using the example of a packaging machine.

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Passive distributors are also available in the webshop

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ASi cable

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ASi – A resource-saving technology

Thanks to the greatly reduced wiring effort with AS-Interface, you save assembly and material costs. This saves valuable resources.


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