Passive distributors and active distributors

It makes no difference whether active or passive: when it comes to powering sensors and actuators, the newest distributor generation from Bihl+Wiedemann is the perfect solution for any system concept. Nor does the user need to worry about line protection: this is already integrated into both the active and passive distributors. The next pages show the benefits of the new distributor generation from Bihl+Wiedemann.

Passive distributors

Jochen Bihl talks about the advantages of passive distributors in ASi networks. With passive distributors you can easily connect sensors and actuators having the ASi chip.
Video length: 2:09

Active distributors

Jochen Bihl introduces new active distributors with an integrated ASi chip. Active distributors make it possible to easily connect a wide range of standard sensors and actuators to ASi.
Video length: 2:22

Passive distributors and active distributors

Generally there are two common ways of connecting and powering sensors and actuators to AS-Interface . For components with ASi already on board, a simple passive Distributor is all that is needed (Fig., left). But even for completely normal standard modules without ASi there is an efficient solution: they can be easily incorporated into the network using so-called active distributors (Fig., right) with integrated ASi Chip.

Passive distributors by Bihl+Wiedemann

  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Optionally with integrated fuse

With 5 × M12 sockets and LED display

  • 2 × ASi profile cables
  • 2 × AUX profile cables
  • 5 × ASi/AUX to M12 sockets
  • High protection rating IP67

With 2 × M12 sockets and LED display

  • Compact design
  • 2 × profile cables for ASi and/or AUX connection to 2 x M12 sockets
  • 6 × LED status display to indicate the state of the ASi/AUX power supply to the module and at the
  • M12 connectors
  • Optionally with 4 × 4 A replaceable fuses or with 4 × 1 A self-resetting fuse
  • High protection rating IP67

With round cable

  • Extremely flat design ( W × H × D: 61 × 39 × 19 mm), suitable for cable ducts
  • 2 × profile cables for ASi and AUX connection to round cable
  • Round cable with M12, M8 (angled or straight) or connecting wires
  • High protection rating IP67
  • Optionally with 2 × 1 A self-resetting fuses

With Push-In terminals

  • Extremely flat design ( W × H × D: 61 × 39 × 19 mm), suitable for cable ducts
  • Push-in terminals up to a wire cross-section of 0,5 mm²/AWG20

As profile cable branch

  • Extremely flat design ( W × H × D: 61 × 39 × 19 mm), suitable for cable ducts
  • 2 × connections for profile cable
  • ASi profile cable max. 8 A
  • AUX profile cable max. 16 A or max. 20 A

Special assemblies on request

  • The length of the connection cable can be adjusted according to customer requirements
  • Wide range of connections available for peripheral devices (e.g. M12, M8, connecting wires, etc.)

Optionally with integrated fuse

Cable protection against short circuits

  • Optionally with integrated fuse, either with 4 × 4 A replaceable fuses or with 4 × 1 A self-resetting fuse
  • Additional protection for connected devices
  • Reliable protection against short circuits


Special assemblies on request

Profile cable installation with Bihl+Wiedemann

Conventional installation

  • For each conventional module (1 × ASi profile cable, 1 × AUX profile cable) 2 passive distributors and therefore up to 4 ASi end caps are needed
  • It is not possible to start/end the profile cable directly in the module

Installation with the new passive distributor

  • The passive distributors with protection rating IP67 are suitable as a start or end point of the profile cables
  • No additional end caps are required. The ASi/AUX profile cable can begin or end directly in the module (IP54)
  • The special passive AUX distributors allow a power supply of max. 20 A to be passed through for actuators

Passive distributor ASi 8 A and passive distributor AUX 20 A

The passive distributors  from Bihl+Wiedemann are offered in various versions, e.g. as Passiv Distributor ASi 8 A (see figure above) and as Passive Distributor AUX 20 A (see figure below)

Installation in cable duct

Simple and secure application

Optimal contacting

  • Contact pins always penetrate vertically into the profile cable to guarantee optimal contacting
  • Optimal contacting provided by:
    • Vertical contacting
    • 4 or 6 pins per cable and 2 or 3 pins per conductor

Lock and mount mechanism

  • The upper section can be securely connected with the substructure module thanks to the lock and mount mechanism
  • Upper section is freely rotatable and removable
  • The new lock and mount mechanism prevents damage to the profile cable

Compact design optimized for the cable duct, especially suitable for individual installation paths.

Normal "gap" between the upper and lower part

When you screw the upper and lower parts of the module together, the contact pins are closed firmly and tightly - by compressing the rubber material between the housing parts. The contact pressure defined in the piercing technology enables the IP67 protection class to be safely achieved with just one screw. This seal creates an optical gap between the upper and lower parts of the module. This is completely normal and has no influence on the achievement of the protection class.

Active Distributors by Bihl+Wiedemann

Safe input modules

  • 1 × 2 channel safe input (SIL3, PLe) and 1 × standard output for:
    • OSSDs or
    • Floating contacts

Digital I/O modules

  • 2I/1O module
  • 4I, 4O or 4I/4O module

Special assemblies on request

Addressing the active distributor

Addressing the active distributors via ASi profile cable.

Connection variations

Passive dsitributors and active distributors in comparison

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