Control (digital) RGB/RGBW LED Stripes with ASi-5 easily and cost effectively

Wide range of possibilities, proven ASi advantages

Whether pick-by-light, emergency lighting or visualization of driving movements in self-driving systems (AGV) - LED Stripes are increasingly used in various applications. Why should you control your LED Stripes with ASi-5? Because our flexible Control Modules offer so many configuration options - including up to 4.2 million colors. And because you also benefit from all the ASi advantages, such as up to 70 percent lower wiring costs compared to round cable solutions. With our new ASi-5 Active Distributors for LED Stripes you can easily control almost all common (digital) LED Stripes thanks to the separate RGB and RGBW profiles - because the configuration is done via the cyclic data. Another advantage: The modules allow a flexible connection of the LED Stripes and are supplied out of AUX.

Advantages of the ASi-5 RGB/RGBW LED Stripe Modules

Flexible to use

Our LED Stripe Modules are suitable for a wide range of applications. They are compatible with almost all common LED Stripes and offer flexible connection options.

Simple parameterization

RGB and RGBW are optionally configurable as ASi-5 profile. The control is very simple via the cyclic data.

Versatile configurability

Depending on the LED Stripe Module, up to 4.2 million color and various setting options are available, e.g. flashing or running light.

Proven ASi advantages

With our LED Stripe Modules, you do of course benefit from all the ASi advantages: up to 70 percent lower wiring costs compared to round cable solutions, the simplest installation thanks to piercing technology and free choice of topology.

Control standard RGB LED Stripes - with BWU4083

BWU4083: Active Distributor ASi-5 in IP67

  • For RGB LED Stripes from 12 to 24V up to 3 Ampere
  • Via PWM the power for the channels R,G,B (red, yellow, blue) is conducted
  • M12 connector for connection of common RGB LED strips
  • Running light width: 1-255 LED


Standard LED Stripes can manage all LEDS simultaneously. The control for color and brightness is thus done directly on the four wires (+) (R) (G) (B). This is made possible by the three PWM channels. All LEDS are connected to each other in a cascade.


Control digital/intelligent pixel LED Stripes - with BWU4101


BWU4101: Active Distributor ASi-5 in IP67

  • For digital LED Stripes with 5 V supply at max. 2 Ampere
  • Up to 255 pixels can be controlled independently of each other
  • Due to the open stranded wire every connection variant is possible
  • Running direction ascending/descending/mixed
  • Cyclic running light: one-time or continuous
  • Light options: continuous light or flashing light with 1 Hz/ 2 Hz/ 4 Hz
  • Color intensity: per channel (R, G, B) 1 byte

Recommendations for LED Strip – BWU4101

  • Tested with ws2812b and sk6812
  • Strip supply: 5 V at max. 2 A
  • Control up to 255 LEDs per strip

Digital LED Stripes can control each pixel individually through communication. This is possible because a control communication is integrated on each LED in the chip. Digital LED Stripes always have three wires: two for power supply and one for communication.

Possible applications for (digital/intelligent) LED Stripes

  • Pick-by-Light
  • Highlights on the sales floor (retail sale) 
  • Lean management (automotive industry) 
  • Machine status
  • Escape routes
  • Self-driving systems (AGV)

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