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Products from Bihl+Wiedemann can be used for various industry sectors and application areas. We offer the appropriate solutions to match your needs.


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AS-Interface Master News (08/2024)

8-port master brings fast standard I/Os and IO-Link together

Do you want to transmit standard signals as quickly as possible and use IO-Link at the same time? Then use one of our IO-Link masters, which we offer with 1, 2, 4, and 8 ports: When configured accordingly, they can transmit all standard signals up to 16 I/Os in just 1.27 ms – regardless of how many bytes of IO-Link data are transmitted in parallel. Every M12 socket has two signals that can be configured as two I/Os or one I/O and IO-Link communication.


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The current supply situation at Bihl+Wiedemann is very good.

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About Bihl+Wiedemann

We develop and manufacture complete automation solutions – for functional safety and data communication in machines and plants. Our solutions are mostly based on AS-Interface (ASi), which is the globally standardized fieldbus system for the first level of automation.


ASi makes huge cable bundles a thing of the past, since sensors and actuators no longer have to be wired individually to the controller. Instead, the two-core yellow ASi cable by itself supplies each input and output of the device with both data and power.


We strive to help our customers successfully implement Industry 4.0 projects on the field level. Therefore, we played a major role in the development of the new ASi-5 technology.

The new ASi generation of frequency multiplex transmission allows for much faster transmission of larger data volumes and easy integration of intelligent sensors.


Our IO-Link solution based on ASi-5 enables the connection of various IO-Link devices on just one line. In contrast to comparable PROFINET solutions, it brings considerable cost advantages.


Customers from various industries benefit from our ASi solutions. The open bus system is particularly widespread in industrial automation, materials handling and mechanical engineering.