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Questions and Answers about Firmware Update

To update the firmware of an ASi-5 device in the field, you need the Bihl+Wiedemann Firmware Update Tool. This is included in all Bihl+Wiedemann Software Suites. The tool enables the firmware status of all connected devices to be compared against the latest version on the server and update the firmware if necessary. The integrity of the firmware is ensured at all times thanks to the end-to-end encrypted connection to the Bihl+Wiedemann server. This also effectively prevents manipulation of the devices by malicious firmware.


Our recommendations for a smooth process:

  • Leave the master's chip card in the device during the update
  • Back up the data on the devices prior to the update
  • Your system should not be operating during the update. This is because the devices are restarted in the course of the update and output data is consequently reset.
  • If an update is available for the master, it is mandatory that this is installed before updating the nodes. The software guides you through all the necessary steps.

The update process at Bihl+Wiedemann components follows the premise: System integrity must always be guaranteed.


Data integrity is a widespread basic requirement in automation systems. However, with increasing networking of devices, this requirement is no longer sufficient. Instead, the integrity of the entire system must be guaranteed, not only the transmission, but also the software or firmware of the individual components.


ZVEI e. V., (Verband der Elektro- und Digitalindustrie -German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association), has summarized in a white paper what is important when it comes to integrity


  • Updates play an important role in eliminating security-relevant vulnerabilities in components
  • Updates must be checked for integrity and authenticity before they are implemented (especially to rule out changes by possible attackers)
  • If the integrity is breached, the update must not be applied.
  • Simple checksums do not offer any protection against intentional changes by attackers, as they can also be manipulated.
  • Signatures or key-based cryptographic hash functions effectively protect against checksum modification

Our measures consistently take into account the specifications of ZVEI. How we reliably ensure your security in the update process:


  • Certificate-based end-to-end encryption between the update server and the device to be updated.
  • End-to-end encryption prevents the infiltration of malware into Bihl+Wiedemann devices
  • Comparison with the server ensures the detection of outdated firmware versions
  • The TÜV-tested procedure is also approved for firmware in safety products

Yes, it is also possible to update safety-relevant firmware in the field by means of a TÜV-approved process. To accomplish this, use our firmware update tool and an end-to-end encrypted connection to the Bihl-Wiedemann server. In this way, we not only ensure the integrity of the firmware in the devices. But also which device is working with which firmware version at any time will be known. This is the only way to fulfill the legal obligation to quickly inform about potential, safety-relevant functional deviations of affected devices.

No, a downgrade or an “update” to an outdated firmware version is not possible and also not recommended. Updates at Bihl+Wiedemann are typically always downward compatible, so that existing applications can remain unchanged. However, they usually contain useful improvements in terms of functionality, stability and security mechanisms.

We show you step by step how to perform a firmware update. You can find the PDF under "Installation tips".


Installation tips