Packaging Automation with Bihl+Wiedemann

Increasing the productivity of machines and systems is of great importance, for manufacturers of packaging machines. This requires flexible and innovative solutions. Bihl+Wiedemann offers the right components for safe packaging automation with AS-Interface, while also allowing sustained optimizing of costs and processes.

PLC Connection over Gateways

  • Integration in all commonly used control systems via the respective fieldbus interface
  • Integrated diagnostics
  • Available option of integrated safety technology
  • Ethernet diagnostic interface and web server for remote maintenance
  • Powered by 24 V or ASi power supply
  • Processing of digital and analog signals
  • Double master available for a greater cost savings
  • Handles up to 124 I/O modules per gateway
  • Each signal is available in the control system
  • Graphic display allows for diagnostic feedback
  • Standard and safety signals on the same wire

Safety Modules

  • Input modules for floating contacts
  • Electronic input
  • Modules for connecting Safety mats
  • Modules for safe analog inputs

I/O Modules

  • 4 inputs, 4 outputs
  • 8 inputs, 8 outputs
  • M12 wiring: single, Y or mixed wiring
  • Flexible sensor supply solutions
  • Up to 2 A per output
  • IP67, M12
  • IP20, 22,5 mm installation width
  • IP20 in stainless steel housing

Drive Solutions

  • Control of one MOVIMOTR drive or up to 2 MOVI-SWITCHR motors or up to 2 Lenze Smart Motors per module
  • 2 × Itoh Denki (PM500ME/XE/XP, PM605ME/XE/XP)
  • 2 × Interroll (EC5000, EC200, EC300, EC310)
  • 2 × RULMECA (RDR BL-2)
  • 2 × Rollex (Type 840)

Counter Modules

  • Module for counting the impulses or for reading the HTL encoders
  • Value reset via fieldbus
  • Protection index IP20/IP65/IP67

Load Cells

  • Module to connect load cells
  • Calibration via fieldbus or configuration software (ACT)
  • Protection index IP65
  • Resolution 16 bits

Speed Monitoring

  • For encoders or standard sensors
  • Safe speed
  • Safe position monitoring
  • Safe stop

Benefits of AS-Interface

ASi Safety at Work beats other solutions by far

All of our components/systems satisfy the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and are easy to integrate into your documentation/calculation using readily available devices of the Sistema library.

  • Less wiring work
  • Better overview of the system

Piercing technology

  • 2 wires, unshielded and not twisted
  • Data and power on a 2-wire cable
  • Simple assembly by using piercing technology

Small Systems

  • Cost-effective version for small applications
  • Safe compact controller
  • Wide functionality range
  • Easily expandable over ASi
  • Easy to integrate into existing systems
  • Simple coupling to other systems
  • Programmable via PC
  • Max. 31 safe modules per device
  • Safety Basic Monitor installation width: 22,5 mm

Safety Basis Monitor

With Fieldbus Interface

  • Optimal PLC connection via fieldbus
  • All diagnostic data in the controller
  • Safety and standard signals
  • Up to 62 safe modules per device
  • Safe sensors of many providers with ASi connectable
  • Low installation costs for additional modules

Gateways with integrated Safety Monitor

Safe Coupling Safe Link over Ethernet


  • Safe Link over Ethernet
  • Max. 31 devices with 62 safe modules per device
  • 31 safety bits per monitor
  • Everyone hears everyone
  • The simplest way of coupling many safe signals

Fields of application for packaging technology with Bihl+Wiedemann







Increasing productivity in packaging technology through:

  • Sustained process optimization
  • Sustained cost optimization
  • Safety in packaging automation

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