Packaging Automation with Bihl+Wiedemann

Increasing the productivity of machines and systems is of great importance, for manufacturers of packaging machines. This requires flexible and innovative solutions. Bihl+Wiedemann offers the right components for safe packaging automation with AS-Interface, while also allowing sustained optimizing of costs and processes.

Benefits of AS-Interface

ASi Safety at Work beats other solutions by far

All of our components/systems satisfy the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and are easy to integrate into your documentation/calculation using readily available devices of the Sistema library.

Data and Power on One Cable

ASi connects the modules in the lowest process level in automation systems with each other. The usual cable harnesses are replaced by a single electrical cable – the ASi cable. Both data and power are transmitted on this one cable.



ASi cable

Standard parallel wiring

Piercing technology

  • 2 wires, unshielded and not twisted
  • Data and power on a 2-wire cable
  • Simple assembly by using piercing technology

Safety Basic Monitor

For small applications with three or more safe signals, we offer the Safety Basic Monitor, a safe small control without gateway, but with configurable signal outputs. The ASi Safety Module is universally expandable and is also suitable as a head station for special safety applications.


  • Cost-effective variant for small applications

  • Safe small control

  • Wide function range

  • Easily expandable via AS-Interface

  • Easy to integrate into existing systems

  • Simple coupling to other systems

  • Programmable via PC

  • Max. 31 safe modules per device

  • Narrow width Safety Basic Monitor: 22.5 mm

With Fieldbus Interface

  • Optimal PLC connection via fieldbus
  • All diagnostic data in the controller
  • Safety and standard signals
  • Up to 62 safe modules per device
  • Safe sensors of many providers with ASi connectable
  • Low installation costs for additional modules

Gateways with integrated Safety Monitor

Safe Coupling Safe Link over Ethernet


  • Safe Link over Ethernet
  • Max. 31 devices with 62 safe modules per device
  • 31 safety bits per monitor
  • Everyone hears everyone
  • The simplest way of coupling many safe signals

Fields of application for packaging technology with Bihl+Wiedemann







Increasing productivity in packaging technology through:

  • Sustained process optimization
  • Sustained cost optimization
  • Safety in packaging automation

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    ASi – A resource-saving technology

    Thanks to the greatly reduced wiring effort with AS-Interface, you save assembly and material costs. This saves valuable resources.


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