ASi-5 Safety Muting Module – cost-efficient, simple, flexible

Implement your Muting applications up to SIL3/PLe more cost-effectively than ever before. There is enormous savings potential for you with the new ASi-5 Safety Muting Module compared to comparable, Ethernet-based solutions. The compact module processes all signals required for cross Muting or sequential Muting under one single ASi address. Ready-certified Muting building blocks can be configured quickly and easily.

Unused sockets – for example when using cross Muting with only 2 sensors – can be flexibly used in other ways, since they also provide 2 self-configuring I/O signals.

Advantages of the ASi-5 Safety Muting Module

  • Great cost savings - Comparable, Ethernet-based Muting solutions are significantly more expensive. With AS-Interface, up to 70% wiring costs can also be saved compared to round cable solutions.
  • Full flexibility – All signals for cross Muting or sequential Muting in one module. As an alternative to processing in the Safety Monitor, all relevant signals can also be passed on via PROFIsafe, CIP Safety, FSoE or openSAFETY.
  • Simple parameterization – With the Bihl+Wiedemann Software Suite, ready-certified Muting building blocks can be configured quickly and easily for many applications. There is no need for time-consuming programming in the control.
  • Proven ASi advantages – Among other things, you benefit from freely selectable topology, simplest installation thanks to piercing technology, and reduced material and assembly costs. AS-Interface also helps to save valuable resources.

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