ASi-5 PCB Modules for various applications

With our ASi-5 PCB modules, it is possible to add an ASi-5 interface to a wide range of applications. The control elements shown in the figure below are a typical example of this. By means of the compact PCB modules (W / H / D: 70 x 40 x 26.5 mm), they can be easily integrated into the control system via ASi – decentralized and in an existing housing.


The ASi-5 PCB modules are available in different variants for the connection of

  • IO-Link Devices of many manufacturers (BWR4771)
  • Safe signals, e.g., for E-STOP buttons or optoelectronic protective devices
  • Serial connections with RS485, e.g., for communication with an inverter or barcode scanner (solutions for MOVIMOT, EBM-Papst, Rockwell, Bonfiglioli and on request)

Fig.: It is easy to integrate control elements into the PLC and into an existing ASi network by means of an ASi-5 PCB module.

Advantages of ASi-5 PCB Modules

  • Save space – You can install a PCB module directly onto an existing circuit board within your housing and do not need any space for additional IP67 or IP20 modules.
  • Reduce cable use – The PCB modules let you capture the signals where they originate. This means that only the 2-wire ASi cable is required for many sensors/actuators, thus eliminating the need for complex wiring.
  • Optional connection circuit boards for all PCB modules – We define the shape and function together with you. For instance, it is possible to position spring-type terminals, status LEDs or additional assembly aids on it.

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