Versatile Distributors: Integrate a Variety of Components Easily into ASi

How do you integrate AS-Interface (ASi) into your overall system? And how do you easily connect all kinds of sensors and actuators to ASi? With our wide range of distributors in IP67 this is all possible!

Use compact passive distributors for ASi-capable sensors and actuators. The distributors enable numerous possibilities of local branches, e.g., to flat cables, push-in terminals, or various plugs.

Many Plug-and-Play Solutions Available

Using our active distributors, there is no need for expensive special adapters or additional cables to make sensors and actuators without an ASi chip bus-compatible. We offer plug-and-play solutions for light barriers, door locks, and inverters alongside customized solutions.

Fig.: Both active and passive distributors can be easily installed along the ASi cable.

Advantages of Passive Distributors

  • Simplified planning and installation – You can quickly install the space-saving passive distributors anywhere using piercing technology, with no need for pre-assembled cables and T connectors.
  • Smart energy distribution – ASi voltage, 24 V, and 48 V auxiliary voltage can be easily distributed anywhere.
  • Efficient line protection – If a defect occurs in passive distributors with a built-in fuse, the branch is protected and the voltage supply is only interrupted at certain points.
  • Perfect contact reliability – To ensure this, all of our distributors have 2 or 3 gold-plated pins per wire, which must always pierce vertically into the ASi cable.


Advantages of Active Distributors

  • Free choice of components – By making any sensors and actuators ASi-capable, you gain flexibility in your choice of components.
  • Many plug-and-play solutions – Take advantage of a wide variety of perfectly pre-assembled cable and plug combinations.
  • Individual developments – Choose from up to nine cable outlets, an addressing socket, three heights (19/25/35 mm) and many cable lengths and connector variants.
  • Reduction of errors – A single cable transmits many different signals, e.g., via an 8-pole M12 plug to connect door locks directly to ASi.


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