BW4754PROFINET Master Simulator Plus License

Product description

Monitoring software for PROFINET devices, support for PROFIsafe modules, log function for I/O data and acyclic data exchange. Available as a single-user license or as floating license.

PROFINET Master Simulator: Installation

PROFINET Master Simulator: Application

Technical data

Type PROFINET Master Simulator
Safety fieldbus PROFIsafe
Log function of I/O data yes
Sending of acyclic data Read/write parameters acyclically
DLL no

Software to configure safe hardware, to create a safety configuration and to put it into operation.

ASi Control Tools360

Software for addressing, configuring and implementing of standard hardware and for simple live diagnostics of planned and detected devices in the ASi network.


  • yes : ASi Control Tools360 software as stand alone version
  • yes (integrated ): all functions of ASi Control Tools360 software are integrated directly into the ASIMON360.
  • Legacy Version : ASi Control Tools software (legacy version) as stand alone version.
    The legacy version does not offer a hardware catalog! It is recommended to use the ASi Control Tools360 with hardware catalog (BW2902) .
Diagnostics Software

Software to perform a release measurement or independent troubleshooting and preventative diagnostics on a system.

ASIMON360 Simulation

Software to test an existing ASIMON360 configuration on simulated hardware.

Installation options single-user license or floating license
Cable no