ASi-5 Safety launches input modules with safe and non-safe signals

ASi-5 Safety is now certified and ready for use and will optimally complement the established ASi Safety line in the future. The latest Safety generation can be easily integrated into existing solutions. Main advantage of ASi-5 Safety: You can use many safe and non-safe signals under just one single address: BWU4209 has 2 inputs for potential-free contacts, BWU4210 has 2 inputs for optoelectronic protective devices. Both items will be available from the beginning of 2022.


With the ASi-5 Safety input modules allow you to connect an operating panel to ASi cost-effectively – with several illuminated pushbuttons, an E-stop button and a safe key switch.

Advantages of the new ASi-5 Safety input modules

  • Full Compatibility – ASi-5 Safety is compatible with all previous ASi devices and components and can be easily integrated into existing solutions.

  • Only one node number – ASi-5 Safety allows many safe and non-safe signals to be used under just one address.

  • Reduced machine-related costs – The ASi-5 Safety module with 2 safe inputs are similarly priced to ASi-5 modules with just standard I/Os.

For further information about our first ASi-5 Safety input modules, please visit our website.

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