ASi-5 Safety Muting Modul – kostengünstig, einfach, flexibel

Children often make a lot out of a little. Two cans, one cord, plenty of pioneering spirit – and the communication miracle is complete. Less is also more with AS-Interface (ASi): the extremely simple fieldbus/wiring system scores with less connectors, less resource consumption, less costs and less installation effort thanks to innovative piercing technology.

Do you want more?

ASi offers you more connection, more ease of use (e.g. with IO-Link integration) and more freedom in the choice of topology. More application options are the big plus of ASi-5, the latest AS-Interface generation – made possible by the high data width and short cycle times.

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On our website, we answer important questions about AS-Interface:

  • Why do I need almost no connectors with ASi – while larger systems with Ethernet solutions often require several hundred connectors?
  • Why is ASi a cost-effective wiring system – which can reduce wiring costs by up to 68%?
  • Why is ASi a resource-saving technology – which requires less cable, plastic and copper and even helps you save electricity?

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