Circuit Extension

Profit from the variety of ways to extend ASi cable runs to 1000 m for example. Use the ASi Bus Termination, ASi Tuner and ASi Repeaters to extend the range of the ASi network flexibly and cost-effectively.

ASi Bus Termination



ASi-3 circuit extension by reflection signal attenuation


Using the ASi Bus Termination

  • Very simple and cost-effective solutions using ASi Bus Termination 
  • Possible network extension without additionals repeaters up to 200 m
  • ASi network should be checked at commissioning using the Software for Diagnostics, Service and Release Measurements (BW2902)


Using ASi Tuner and ASi Diagnostic Tuner

  • Extending the ASi cable up to 300 m using the ASi Tuner or ASi Diagnostic Tuner
  • Individual optimization of the network impedance
  • Optical display of the network signal quality: continuous monitoring

ASi Tuner



ASi Repeater



Signal Extension with ASi repeaters in Combined ASi-3/ASi-5 Installations

  • Extension of the ASi cable by up to 100 m with ASi repeaters, or to 200 m with integrated ASi-3 bus termination possible
  • Areas with very high EMC interference can be bridged
  • ASi repeaters cause a certain delay of each telegram, therefore only max. 2 ASi repeaters in series are possible
  • From the first ASi repeater no more ASi-5 communication is possible

Advantages of Circuit Extension with Bihl+Wiedemann

    • Simple and cost-effective solution with an ASi Bus Termination
    • Improved EMC properties due to galvanic isolation
    • ASi cable runs with a length of for example 1,000 m using ASi Repeaters and ASi Bus Terminations