ASi Cable - Simple and Efficient Power Distribution

ASi Cable - Simple and Efficient Power Distribution (3:05)

Distribute a lot of power easily, save plenty of assembly time and reduce costs at the same time – with the ASi cable, you benefit in many ways. Thanks to ASi piercing technology, it is possible to connect, replace, move or add modules (e.g. ASi-5 slaves or IO-Link masters with 1, 2, 4 or 8 ports) very easily. Thanks to profile cables and piercing technology, ASi wiring couldn't be any more simple because you don't need different pre-assembled connection cables, so you spare plenty of costly assembly time. You do not need to know the length of the cables used beforehand because ASi gives you the flexibility to decide on site where you want to install the modules on the profile cable. This noticeably reduces the planning effort and achieves a further cost advantage.