New ASi-5 Counter Modules – Cost-Effective Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

Take immediate advantage of our latest ASi-5 counter module update. Use new functions such as measurement of frequency and period duration or the new 32-bit value range to find cost-effective solutions for a wide range of applications. You can find a detailed description of the new functions on our website.

The Advantages of the New ASi-5 Counter Modules

  • Large data size and short cycle time – the ASi-5 counter modules optionally transmit 4 independent 16-bit counter values in only 1.27 ms or a 32-bit value range (-2147483647 to 2147483647). They operate with counter frequencies of up to 250 kHz.
  • Four flexibly usable counter inputs – all can be configured individually as desired. You can also connect pulse counters and encoders (24 V). Functions can be activated directly at the module via the process data or via hardware inputs.
  • Convenient Parameterization – all counter inputs can be easily switched on and off individually via our Software Suite. Uncomplicated switching and configuration of functions is also possible for each counter input individually.
  • Modules can be used directly in the field – our ASi-5 counter modules in IP67 give you all the proven ASi advantages in the field, especially reduced wiring costs of up to 70 % compared to round cable solutions.

Several Variants Available

The ASi-5 counter module is available for direct use in the field as IP67 variants with ASi connection via profile cable (BWU4042) or via M12 connector (BWU4202). It is also available in IP20 for the control cabinet (BWU3875). For further information visit our website.


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