New I/O modules product family - security of supply even in large quantities

Free yourself from current delivery shortages. Use our new I/O product family for this purpose – and obtain all the devices you need in sufficient quantities even in the future. When developing the new modules, we have paid particular attention to two things: Firstly, that we only use components that are available in large quantities even in extremely difficult procurement markets. Secondly, the focus in designing the modules was to develop a high-performance and cost-efficient technology.

This is what you get with the new I/O modules:

  • 4 to 16 inputs
  • AUX supply, max. 900 to 2,000 mA or
  • ASi supply, max. 120 mA
  • 4 to 16 outputs
  • Actuator supply AUX, max. 1,000 mA
  • ASi address: 1 to 2 AB addresses or 1 ASi-5 address

Fig.: The I/O modules of the new product family, which we will continue to expand, all belong to the "Bihl+Wiedemann's Choice" range. 

The Advantages of the New I/O Product Family:

  • High availability – By using securely available components, the modules can usually be supplied in large quantities without any issues.
  • Attractive price – Thanks to cost-conscious technology development and efficient production in large quantities, the modules are also very attractive in terms of the price.
  • Versatile in use – The modules can be used in many different applications. This simplifies your orders and spare parts management.


For further information on our new high-availability I/O product family, please visit our website.


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