BWU4414ASi-5 Counter Module, IP67, M12

Product description

ASi-5 Counter Module in IP67, with 4 x M12 sockets, 4 x counter inputs, pulse counter, range of value -2147483647 ... 2147483647 dec., counting rate max. 250 kHz, input voltage/sensor supply out of AUX, periphery connection via 4 x M12 sockets, 5 poles, ASi connection via profile cable and piercing technology, 1 ASi-5 address
Thesubstructure moduleis not included in the scope of delivery.

Technical data

Inputs digital 4 x counter inputs
Input voltage (sensor supply)

inputs are supplied by ASi or by AUX (24 V or 48 V auxiliary power). If supplied by ASi, inputs shall not be connected to earth or to external potential.

out of AUX
Connection 4 x M12 sockets, 5 poles
ASi address

Bihl+Wiedemann offers modules with AB address, single address or ASi-5 address. In some cases, ASi modules can occupy several (different) addresses. Mixed operation of modules with different addressing in the same ASi circuit is permitted.
For ASi modules with two ASi-3 nodes, the second ASi-3 node is turned off as long as the first ASi-3 node is addressed to address "0".
Upon request, ASi modules are available with specific ASi node profiles.

1 ASi-5 address

How to troubleshoot an existing ASi installation


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