Bihl+Wiedemann gateways and security monitors are not affected by Ripple20

According to recent press reports (June 2020), hundreds of millions of networked IoT devices are vulnerable to remote attacks through 19 vulnerabilities. The flaws, collectively referred to as Ripple20, affect the TCP/IP stack of a particular software company. Bihl+Wiedemann devices are not affected by Ripple20 because we do not use this particular TCP/IP stack.


So far, we are unaware of any vulnerabilities that allow the injection of malicious code with the IP stacks we use. Furthermore, we separate the IP interface from the safe function of the monitor element. The advantage: Even if malicious code could be injected into the device via the interface, this would only affect the non-secure CPU. In the event of a fault on the non-safe CPU, the safety monitor will continue to monitor the system or, if necessary, switch off and go into a safe state to protect people and the machine.