Conditions for Selecting and Using the Successor Model


If a defective device needs to be replaced , it is recommended to use a replacement device that has the same item number instead of the successor model.

Exchange when Redesigning, Revising or Modifying a System

When designing a new system or revising an existing machine, it is recommended to use the latest and most powerful devices. The successor models offer all the well-known advantages of the previous Bihl+Wiedemann gateways, plus a wealth of new functions and the best value for money.


Even if you are not (yet) planning to use ASi-5 technology, it is worth switching to the new Bihl+Wiedemann ASi-5/ASi-3 masters wherever possible. They are not only the most powerful ASi-3 fieldbus gateways but also future-proof, thanks to the new field update capability.

Comparison of Functions and Technical Characteristics

When designing a new system or modernising an existing machine, it is important to select the right device with the required technical features.


Especially, when exchanging a gateway or safety monitor in an existing machine with a successor model, care must be taken to ensure that these particular technical characteristics match or exceed (depending on the desired upgrade of the machine) those of your current model:


  • Fieldbus and device description file
  • Number of ASi masters, number of ASi circuits
  • Power consumption per ASi circuit
  • Required power supply unit
  • Number and position of connections
  • Diagnostic interface
  • Physical dimensions
  • Type/protocol of safety communication
  • Number/type of (local) safe inputs
  • Number/type of (local) safe outputs
  • Number of ASi-3 nodes, number of ASi-5 nodes
  • Required version of Bihl+Wiedemann software suites for configuration, diagnosis and commissioning

The successor models recommended by Bihl+Wiedemann are always as similar as possible to the respective archive articles with regard to the above criteria and at the same time they offer as many new functions and improved technology as possible.

Procedure with Differences in Technical Characteristics

Change of the fieldbus interface

When replacing a gateway with a gateway with a different fieldbus interface, it must be ensured that the previously used higher-level control supports the new fieldbus interface or is replaced or supplemented by a suitable control.
Furthermore, a change of fieldbus interface may make it necessary to replace the connection cable between the ASi gateway and the higher-level control, depending on the type of connection used (e.g. change from RS232 to RJ45).

For more detailed information, please refer to the documentation of the manufacturer of the respective PLC. For the relevant technical details of the gateway, please refer to the data sheet of the respective device. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team

Support team at any time.


Changing the Device Description File/TIA Portal

Each standard gateway and each gateway with integrated safety monitor has its own device description file (GSD, EDS etc.). When switching from one device to a successor model, the corresponding file must be downloaded from the product detail view of the respective device via the "Downloads" tab.

The video tutorials explain step-by-step how to integrate a successor model into the higher-level control system. If you have any questions about changing a device description file, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at any time.

Number and Position of Connections/Dimension

The number and position of the connections for peripheral devices (sensors, actuators) as well as for ASi and AUX (auxiliary power) vary to a certain extent between archived items and successor models depending on the design and performance characteristics of the particular device. In some cases, the dimensions between the devices may also differ.

Please make sure that there is sufficient space available for installation in the electrical cabinet and that the connecting cables are of sufficient length.


For the corresponding technical details, please refer to the datasheet and the attached documentation. An Eplan macro is also available for each unit as a download on the respective product detail page.

ASIMON360 and ASi Control Tools360 With Hardware Catalog

In order to make optimal use of the ASi Fieldbus gateways with Bihl+Wiedemann ASi-3 master or ASi-5/ASi-3 master, it is recommended to use the most up to date version of the ASIMON360 or ASi Control Tools 360 software.

Not all successor models may be included in the hardware catalog of older Bihl+Wiedemann Software Suites (BW2916, BW2902).

It is recommended to check the Bihl+Wiedemann Software Suite regularly for updates via Help > About > Check for Updates.