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24 Volt ASi – Cost-Effective Solution for Small Systems

Would you like to take advantage of all the features of ASi but not have to use an additional ASi power supply in the control cabinet? Are 50 meters cable length and 4 A for ASi sufficient? In that case we recommend using the 24 Volt ASi Gateways f rom Bihl+Wiedemann. These are ideal for small applications with a handful of slaves . You save control cabinet space and money as well as documentation and installation time.

Fig.: The 24 Volt ASi Gateways from Bihl+Wiedemann with interfaces for many commonly used fieldbus systems are available from stock.

24 Volt ASi overview

  • Ideal for small and very small applications (around 3-15 slaves)
  • No additional ASi power supply needed
  • Can be powered directly by the 24 V already present in the control cabinet
  • Maximum 4 A available for ASi
  • Up to 50 m ASi cable length
  • Interfaces to all common fieldbus systems