BWU2852Safety Basic Monitor with extended features, 1 ASi-3 master

Product description

Safety Basic Monitor with extended features, 1 ASi-3 master, integrated decoupling, max. 0,5 A/ASi network, max. 8 A with ASi power supply, ASi current measurement, 22.5 mm x 99 mm x 114 mm, with 6 x 4 contacts, 6 digital inputs or 3 x 2 channels safe inputs (SIL 3, cat. 4), input 3 optional for speed monitors (up to 4kHz), expandable to max. 31 x 2 channels safe inputs, 1891 x 2 channels safe inputs in max. configuration, 2 release circuits (2 x electronic safe outputs), expandable to max. 32 safe outputs, 991 safe outputs in max. configuration, Safe Link, diagnostic and configuration via Ethernet diagnostic interface, periphery connection via push-in terminals, ASi/AUX connection via push-in terminals, IP20

Safety compact controller with safety inputs and outputs.

Safety standstill/speed monitor for up to 3 axes.

Ethernet interface.

Technical data

Type Safety Basic Monitor
Safe Monitoring speed
Encoder signal/Sensor signal sensors/initiators (24V)
Number of monitored axes up to 2 independent axes
Inputs Safety

Safe inputs can be configured as 1-channel or 2-channels depending on the desired application or PL and SIL level.

Suitable for applications up to category 4/PLe/SIL 3.

3 x 2 channels, input 3 optional for speed monitor (up to 4 kHz)
Outputs Safety

Suitable for applications up to category 4/PLe/SIL 3.

2 release circuits, 2 x electronic safe outputs
Encoder/Sensor connection clamps
Diagnostic and configuration interface

Access to ASi master and safety monitor via own software from Bihl+Wiedemann using the diagnostic interface (e.g. USB, RJ45, RS232). For certain devices with Ethernet-based fieldbus (PROFINET, EtherNet/IP), there is also the option of diagnostics and configuration directly via the fieldbus interface.


The latest version of the device description file of the gateway/gateway with integrated safety monitor (GSD, GSDML, EDS, etc.) is available in the "Downloads" section of the respective device.

Ethernet diagnostic

How to troubleshoot an existing ASi installation


    Device Description Files (GSD, EDS, ESI, SDD, etc.)