Product News

SafeLink now also with the ASi-3 EtherNet/IP+Modbus TCP Gateway with integrated Safety Monitor

In addition to the Safety Gateways for PROFIBUS, PROFINET and sercos, SafeLink over Ethernet is now also possible with the ASi-3 EtherNet/IP+Modbus TCP Gateways featuring integrated safety monitor from Bihl+Wiedemann. This offers optimal linking to many PLCs.

When used in large, distributed systems, up to 31 Gateways with integrated safety monitor and SafeLink can be couple together without any additional hardware over the Ethernet diagnostics interface or over the fieldbus interface. All the Gateways in the networked system sections listen to all safe signals and can themselves make up to 31 safe bits available to the other slaves. Thus in the maximum configuration nearly 2000 safe 2-channel input signals can be collected and evaluated efficiently and cost-effectively, while almost 1000 safe outputs can be controlled centrally or remotely. Each Gateway is thereby able to respond directly to new information - all without the use of a fail-safe controller.

In addition to SafeLink over Ethernet, the new EtherNet/IP+Modbus TCP Gateways from Bihl+Wiedemann also support Ethernet Device Level Ring (DLR) network technology. Here the data packets are passed along over an alternate path when an interruption is detected in the ring network. The use of the new Safety Gateways thereby contributes to increasing the functional security of the network while optimizing machine up-time.

Fig.: ASi-3 EtherNet/IP+Modbus TCP Gateway with integrated Safety Monitor and SafeLink