Reduce your costs!

I/O Modules with IP 20 protection pay for themselves in applications with as few as three I/O stations.


You too can profit by using the decentralised I/O Modules in IP20 from Bihl+Wiedemann. With just 3 or more I/O stations you save hardware costs and control cabinet space versus comparable approaches (Fig. 1). The I/O Modules (e.g. BWU2721 and BWU2723) also provide great flexibility in control cabinet installation and thereby reduce wiring complexity and expense (Fig. 2).

Advantages of the IP20 I/O Modules from Bihl+Wiedemann

  • Reduced hardware costs (incl. connector construction): neither bus couplers nor fieldbus plugs (always one per station) are necessary; instead you need just one Gateway for the entire system (Fig. 1).
  • Save valuable control cabinet space: Bihl+Wiedemann modules combine up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs in a 22.5 mm wide housing (Fig. 1).

Fig.1: Use of I/O Modules from Bihl+Wiedemann saves hardware costs and control cabinet space.

  • Reduced wiring complexity and expense: Bihl+Wiedemann modules can also be installed in the control cabinet right where the signals are actually needed (Fig. 2)

Fig.2: I/O Modules from Bihl+Wiedemann can also be installed remotely in the control cabinet.