Safety Basic Monitor now offers Safe Link!

The Safety Basic Monitor is now also available with an Ethernet interface (BWU2852). This interface enables the safe coupling of multiple small applications through Safe Link. Use this to connect up to 31 Safety Basic Monitors through the integrated Ethernet interface.

Fig. 1: The Safety Basic Monitor is now available with Ethernet interface (BWU2852, left) or USB interface (e.g. BWU2700, right).

Functional range

  • Configurable via PC software
  • With Ethernet interface (BWU2852) or USB interface (e.g. BWU2700) for configuration purposes
  • Ethernet interface for remote diagnostics and/or Safe Link

  • Release protocol for the safety technology
  • 2 (4) safe electronic outputs onboard
  • Up to 8 / 4 safe inputs can be used as standard inputs and status outputs
  • Standstill/ speed monitoring directly via local terminals or expansion modules

  • Chip card for easy exchange of devices
  • 22.5 mm installation width
  • Expandable via unshielded, 2-conductor cable

Safe coupling using the Safety Basic Monitor with Ethernet interface

  • Safe Link over Ethernet
  • Up to 31 devices with 62 safety modules per device

  • 31 safety output bits per monitor
  • Everyone hears everyone
  • The simplest way of coupling many safe signals

Fig. 2: Safe coupling of Safety Basic Monitors and Gateways with integrated Safety Monitors over Safe Link.