Bihl+Wiedemann's ASi Motor Modules move your conveying technology

Use ASi Motor Modules from Bihl+Wiedemann to control 2 roller drives independently of each other, without an additional control module. Regardless of whether you are using roller drives from Itoh Denki (Series 50XE/XP - POWER MOLLER® BRUSHLESS 24V DC), Interroll (EC200, EC300 or EC310) or Rollex (motorized rollers Type 840) , we offer you the right drive solution. Universal or specialized modules allow you to control speed, start/stop and rotation direction. Our Motor Modules provide optimal protection of your application with their dielectric strength of 35V and compatibility with brake choppers. Up to 4 additional inputs on the modules also permit efficient reading of the sensors along the conveying line.

Fig.: The ASi Motor Modules are simple to install: attach mounting plate, route cable, connect upper section and M12 cables to the motors and sensors. That’s it!

Benefits of the ASi Motor Modules from Bihl+Wiedemann

  • Control modules for roller drives from various manufacturers: Itoh Denki, Interroll, Rollex.
  • 1 motor module can replace 3 modules: 2 control modules and 1 input module with 2/4 inputs.
  • Very easy to assemble: Distribution of the 24V for the drive is via a flat cable and provides for optimal electromechanical configuration (see also illustration).
  • Data and power for ASi through a single cable: The sensors remain powered even in case of an E-STOP shut-down of the roller supply.
  • Robust module with high protection rating: IP67
  • Also available with UL-Listed 3.5 A fuse to protect the motor supply : The fuse blows when there is a motor short circuit to protect the cable between module and motor.