Safe Electronic Output 10 A – half of the current, full functionality!

In addition to the Safe Output for 20 A (BW3016) Bihl+Wiedemann now offers a cost-effective 10 A version as well. The Safe Electronic Output 10 A (BW3281) enables wear-free, safe switching of 24 V. 

Wear-free, unlike contactors and safety relays

Contactors and safety relays are only good for a limited number of switching cycles. The safe electronic outputs for 24 V on the other hand are practically wear-free.

Application examples

Fig.1: Replacement of a Safe Contact Expansion Module (BWU2548) with a wear-free 24 V output (BW3016 or BW3281)

Fig. 2: Switching off the control cabinet power supply with the Safe Electronic Output 10/20 A