Safely monitor temperatures with the Safety Thermocouple Module

Bihl+Wiedemann now offers a new Safety Thermocouple Module (BWU3271). In contrast to the safety analog input module (BWU2692), which safely monitors two analog signals with 4...20 mA/10 V/Pt100, the Safety Thermocouple Module safely detects temperatures from thermocouples such as in industrial ovens and passes the values through gateways to the process control system.


Fig.: The Safety Thermocouple Module (BWU3271, left) safely detects temperatures for example in an industrial oven (right).

Safety Thermocouple Module details

  • Monitors types J, K, N, R- and S thermocouples
  • Conforms with EN 746-2, Par. 5.7.2.b for use in thermal process equipment
  • Safety temperature limiter/monitor shuts oven off when temperature is exceeded per SIL 3 / PLe (Machine Directive DIN EN ISO 13849-1 PLe)
  • Trasmits high-accuracy and calibratable process values through gateways to the process control system
  • 22.5 mm installation width
  • Rated IP20

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