Cost-saving wiring solution for 48 V drive technology

With ASi-5 you can utilize applications with both 24 V and 48 V motorized rollers — and benefit from the typical ASi advantages: easy installation, high flexibility and low costs.


Our complete solution for the 48 V drive technology ensures efficient power distribution in 48 V AUX systems. The solution is comprised of:

  • ASi-5 motor modules for specific manufacturers or drives (e.g. BWU4212 for Interroll EC5000 AI) which enable 48 VDC motors to be controlled directly via ASi without an additional control unit and supplied with power using piercing technology.
  • New gray 48 V AUX profile cable (BW4243) for simple, flexible and cost-efficient power distribution from the ASi system. It enables 20 V to be distributed simultaneously with 48 V. To avoid mix-ups in an installation with 24 V and 48 V AUX, the 48 V cable is gray in color which makes the cable stand out visually from the black AUX profile cable used for 24 V.
  • 48 V/24 V voltage converters in three variants. They enable a wide variety of 24 V sensors to be integrated locally in a 48 V application in the field — simply via the gray cable.

Fig.: Integrate 24 V sensors simply and cost-efficiently. (Click on the illustration to enlarge it.)

Advantages of the 48 V/24 V voltage converters in IP67

  • High flexibility: It is easy to supply ASi modules – with (BWU4249) and without M12 connection (BWU4248) – as well as non-ASi participants with M12 connection (BWU4250) at any desired location. A 24 V tap is possible anywhere in the field thanks to piercing technology.
  • Reduced installation effort: There is no need for an additional 24 V power supply unit in the switching cabinet and no additional 24 V AUX cable has to be laid through the complete system.
  • Cost-efficient: The purchase cost for a voltage converter pays for itself by eliminating just a few meters of 24 V profile cable. The cost for a 24 V power supply is of course also eliminated.

For further information about our complete solution for 48 V drive technology, please visit our landing page Control 48 V Drive Solutions Efficiently with ASi-5.

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