Easier control and greater economy with SEW MOVIMOT®!

You can now control SEW frequency inverters with ASi-5 – and benefit from drastically reduced costs and immensely simplified configuration.

Flexible motor adjustment, optimal control

Complicated and static definitions for process control ramps and speeds are a thing of the past with the new ASi-5 motor module for SEW MOVIMOT® (BWU4068). Thanks to ASi-5, they can be set cyclically and adjusted extremely quickly. Up to 3 × 16 bits of process output data are available for this purpose.


Motor feedback also becomes much more comprehensive. That is because with 3 × 16 bits of process output data, not only typical error flags, but also the actual measured motor current are available for analysis. Additional connections for four sensors and two actuators also give you optimum control over the conveyor system.

Fig.: More than 100 SEW MOVIMOT® units can be efficiently wired on just one Ethernet node

ASi-5 motor module for SEW MOVIMOT® in detail:

  • One MOVIMOT® can be controlled per module
  • Cyclic data compatible with the SEW PROFINET image
  • Additional 4 inputs / 2 outputs
  • Detailed diagnostics incl. motor current
  • Elevated IP67 protection class

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