Safe Temperature Monitoring in Industrial Furnaces

Bihl+Wiedemann developed the Safety Thermocouple Module (BWU3271) to meet the special requirements of industrial furnaces. It enables the implementation of applications up to SIL3/PLe. Despite the large measuring range, the process value is resolved very accurately and transmitted directly to the PLC.


Easy Parameter Assignment via ASIMON360

Different J, K, N, R and S-type thermocouples can be easily selected via the ASIMON360 configuration software. It also allows up to 8 switching thresholds or temperature ranges to be defined. ASIMON360 facilitates the application of exact signal corrections – for example, it is possible to store scaling functions or calibration results.


The Perfect System for Industrial Furnaces

Control and monitor safe sensors and actuators in industrial furnaces. Bihl+Wiedemann’s AS-Interface solutions collect all safe signals such as pressure or temperature in the furnace and control, for example, the safe valve control system via one simple flat cable.

Fig.: Safe pressure and temperature monitoring with Safety I/O modules (from right to left: BWU3271, BWU2692, BWU2284)

The Safety Thermocouple Module in Detail:

  • Monitors J, K, N, R, S-type thermocouples
  • Measuring range from -270 °C to 1,750 °C
  • 8 configurable safe switching thresholds
  • For use in thermoprocessing plants approved according to EN 746-2, para. 5.7.2.b
  • Safety temperature limiter/monitor with thermal overload shutdown of industrial furnaces according to SIL3/PLe (Machinery Directive, DIN EN ISO 13849-1 PLe)
  • High-precision transmission of calibrated process values to the process control system via gateways
  • Chip card for easy device replacement without reassignment of parameters
  • Safe transfer of switching thresholds up to SIL3 to the control system (e.g., via PROFIsafe Gateway)
  • 22.5 mm overall width
  • IP20 protection class

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