Save plenty of money on wiring by using ASi Profile Cables

Do you want to significantly reduce your wiring costs? Then use our ASi solutions and the two-conductor ASi cable, which transmits power and data simultaneously. The cost advantage over round cable solutions with conventional M12 or 7/8" connectors can be as high as 68 percent, check out more details on our cost comparison.

Fig.: With ASi, no connectors for 24 V supply and bus connection are necessary.

Further advantages of the ASi Profile Cable

  • Extremely easy installation: Thanks to ASi piercing technology, modules are simply plugged onto the profile cable – with maximum contacting reliability. There is no need to cut, strip and screw the cable as with round cables.
  • Efficient power supply: The black profile cable transmits up to 20 A. AS-Interface is therefore ideal for power-intensive applications such as IO-Link devices or motors in conveyor applications.
  • Complete freedom of topology: Simple junctions are possible at any point in the system. The topology is freely selectable, e.g. tree, ring, star or linear.
  • Reduced planning work: You do not need to know the length of the cables needed in beforehand. Instead, you can decide on site where on the ASi profile cable you want to install the modules.
  • Clear separation of control signals from auxiliary power: The yellow profile cable transmits control signals and the black 24 V or 48 V profile cable serves for auxiliary power. The AUX supply can thus be switched off selectively.

Learn Everything about the ASi Profile Cable

More information on the individual advantages of our ASi profile cable can be found in the overview page. There you can also learn how to use profile cables and round cables in combination. You will also get to know the various ASi cables for different applications.

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