Cooperating Companies

Partnering cooperation as a basis for success

A glance at the history of Bihl+Wiedemann will show that partnering cooperation even with direct competitors has always been part of our corporate strategy. While development services for other manufacturers were at the beginning an essential basis for developing and creating our own products, today they represent an outstanding opportunity for subjecting the research and development expertise of our own company to benchmark tests from the outside. Of course cooperating ventures – especially between competitors – are always highly confidential and come with certain challenges. But they also offer all the participants the chance to realize products and solutions in a short time which often would likely have been impossible otherwise.

Opportunities for customer-oriented cooperation

The starting point for cooperative ventures is often the desire of machine builders or users to get products which combine the core competencies of two or more companies in one. Bundling the respective core competencies often results in products and solutions which not only bring competitive advantages to the partners, but also open up entirely new sales prospects.