Safe Small Control – Comprehensive Diagnostics – Now Also Possible via EtherNet/IP

Discover the cost-effective, compact Safety Basic Monitor (BWU2852) – a stand-alone small control with two safe wear-free semiconductor outputs and up to three safe 2-channel inputs or six digital I/Os. In combination with other Bihl+Wiedemann modules, you can process up to 31 safe signals and with Safe Link even up to 1,922 safe signals. This allows complex safety-related requirements to be achieved.


BWU2852: Easy Troubleshooting Thanks to Diagnostic Interface

As with our ASi gateways, the Safety Basic Monitor offers comprehensive diagnostic data that is accessible via Modbus TCP and now also via EtherNet/IP. This, for example, enables information on the status of the ASi master and the safety monitor to be easily transmitted to the higher level control system. Among other things, it is possible to transfer digital and analog input and output data. Even error flags or configuration errors can be read out without any issues.



Fig.: The Safety Basic Monitor BWU2852 enables direct integration of diagnostics into the control system via EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP – without an additional gateway.

The Safety Basic Monitor BWU2852 in Detail

  • Cost-effective version for small applications
  • Wide function range and detailed diagnostics, easy and quick to set up via ASIMON360
  • Integrated diagnostic interface with EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP
  • Easily expandable through AS-Interface
  • Easy coupling of up to 31 Safety Basic Monitors or Safety Gateways via Safe Link
  • Possibility of integrated safe two-channel standstill monitoring up to SIL2/PLd and safe speed monitoring up to SIL3/PLev

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