The New 8-Port IO-Link Master Pushes Boundaries

The latest 8-Port IO-Link master (BWU4386) now allows several hundred IO-Link devices to be integrated into a single ASi circuit. The ASi-5 module also offers a high degree of flexibility. This is because 1 to 32 bytes of process data and 1 byte of PQI diagnostics can be freely configured for each of the 8 IO-Link Class A Ports. The 16 digital inputs/outputs also enable each M12 socket to be used either for IO-Link or for binary sensors and actuators.

Comprehensive Software Update

The latest update of ASIMON360 or ASi Control Tools360  impresses with its significantly improved and simplified functionality during configuration and commissioning. You can automatically commission spare parts while benefiting from additional diagnostic data. Use the full diagnostic scope of the IO-Link devices up to the cloud or control with ASi-5.

The new 8-Port IO-Link master (BWU4386) is Bihl+Wiedemann's most cost-effective solution per port – partly thanks to the simple ASi connection technology.

Advantages of the ASi-5 Module with integrated IO-Link Master with 8 Ports

  • Byte-precision configuration with up to 32 bytes and PQI process data per Port
  • The most cost-effective IO-Link integration per IO-Link Master Port
  • Having several hundred IO-Link devices per Master additionally reduces costs
  • Simultaneous, convenient parameterization and commissioning of hundreds of IO-Link devices
  • Simplest possible wiring and assembly thanks to ASi piercing technology

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