Bihl+Wiedemann Shop

We have made some further improvements to our webshop and implemented some new features, e.g. the possibility to pay via PayPal or to specify a desired delivery date.

Enjoy the following advantages:


  • We give top priority to orders placed in our webshop

  • Price and availability are displayed immediately

  • Shipping costs are listed and there are various shipping options available

  • Orders and offers 24/7

  • Quotations can be created and converted into orders

  • Additional display of information such as country of origin, weight and customs tariff code

  • It is possible to pay by credit card or PayPal

  • Documentation and files can be downloaded free of charge from our website

  • You can specify your desired delivery date and your own order number

  • It is possible to assign your own item numbers

  • The order history can be viewed at any time